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The 'Piece de Resistance' of SARC, Alumination is IIT Bombay's largest platform for bilateral exchange between the IITB alumni and students on a spectrum spanning Career Guidance, Corporate Exposure, Life Learning and Motivational Talks.




For the first time ever, SARC brings for the IIT-B students Advanced Certified Workshops where they can be nourished with the core and critical concepts that course through the veins of Finance, Consulting and Entrepreneurship by the quintessential Alumni of IIT-B to give them a comprehensively combatant edge to conquer the worlds to come.

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Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring: “Life is but so much more than a series of conquests and influence!" Speed mentoring provides you the golden opportunity to get mentored by professional life coaches in a one to one session to ensure you understand yourself better and unlock your truest potential. The event will be preceded by a ‘Leadership Talk’ to be delivered by the same mentors.

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Break The Ice

The Alumni Student Mentorship Program under SARC will be hosting the second session of “Break The Ice” event during Alumination. BTI fulfills ASMP's aim to solidify the bond between students and alumni by giving the Mentees a fortuitous opportunity to interact with their chosen Mentors without any inhibitions and have their queries and concerns ameliorated over a hearty lunch and build an excellent rapport with them.


Mock Interviews and Group Discussions

Mock Interviews and Group discussions: "One important key to success is self-confidence. To self-confidence, is preparation.” Facing an interview panel for the first time while being encumbered with expectations can be an unnerving experience but only for the uninitiated. With the alumni roleplaying as your interviewers, get a feel of the actual recruitment process and sail smoothly through your actual placements.

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Beyond the Horizon

It requires sheer audacity to break through norms and pursue one’s true calling, let alone succeed in building a notable career. For alumnus Rajnesh Domalpalli, his fascination with media & music impelled him to bid adieu to his engineering career and devote his life towards arts and film making. With his debut film, ‘Vanaja’, winning 24 international awards and several other accolades, Rajnesh will share his experiences and motivations for choosing such an exceptional path.


Panel Discussion

The recipe to perfect decision making involves a thorough scrutiny of contrasting perspectives and diverging viewpoints. To facilitate a free exchange of opinions, SARC is organising a panel discussion focusing on the dichotomy between careers in core and non-core sectors and resolution of pressing problems that students face in the institute. The panel will be constituted by Aditi Sharma, Prof. Parag Bhargava and two of our alumni, Ahana Gautam and Nikunj Malpani.


Entrepreneurship Talk

“Dare to Dream. Dare to Excel.”
Ingenious. Intuitive. Industrious. Innovative- these are just some of the skills that hide within the glow of a successful entrepreneur. Join the magnanimous and mesmerizing Mr. Prabhkiran Singh, the Co-Founder and Director of and gasp in disbelief how he trod the paths from engineering to entrepreneurship in the series, “Entrepreneurial Epics”

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